Nima Taghavi

Founder, Chairman, and CEO

Nima is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Group 206 and is the firm’s primary capital contributor, leader, dealmaker, and business builder.

In addition to his leadership of Group 206, Nima also serves as the Chairman & CEO of Solutions 2 GO (U.S.) and as the Chairman of bkm Capital Partners. His passion for entrepreneurship dates back to his teenage years when he, along with his family, founded Star Video Games, his first business, later to become SVG Distribution. Nima oversaw the successful growth of SVG from swap meet retailer to national distributor and service provider. In 1997, Nima founded sister company Crave Entertainment in order to enter the video game publishing world. The two businesses were integrated under Crave Entertainment Group (“CEG”), which grew into the largest independent privately held video game distribution company in the U.S. In 2005, CEG was successfully sold to the Handleman Company, a publicly traded music distribution company. Nima was the CEO and majority shareholder at the time of the sale, and remained with the company for one year post-transaction to ensure an ideal transition for the business as it integrated into Handleman’s operations.

In the early 2000s, Nima became increasingly active in both real estate investing and philanthropy. These efforts expanded and developed in the years that followed, leading to the founding of two organizations: The Nima Taghavi Foundation, a charity formed in 2006 principally for the benefit of underprivileged children around the world; and recently¬†bkm Capital Partners, a real estate investment firm established in conjunction with developer Brian K. Malliet. Along with entrepreneurship and business management, real estate investing and philanthropy are Nima’s major passions; taken together, these disciplines are the building blocks of Group 206.

Prior to the sale of CEG, Nima became an original investor in Solutions 2 GO (Canada) which grew from its inception in 2004 to become the largest video game distributor in North America by 2008. In 2009, Nima founded Solutions 2 GO (U.S.) in partnership with the owners of the Canadian business. As Chairman of the business, Nima has contributed greatly to the evolution of Solutions 2 GO (U.S.) into a market leader in the video game industry.

Today, Nima has consolidated his business activities, partnerships, and key executives into Group 206, which stands poised to manage assets already under control, make new acquisitions, and raise institutional funds.