Private Equity Investing

Private Equity Investing

We invest in lower-middle market North American businesses that can benefit from our operational expertise and financial resources.

We acquire majority interests in companies that have reached an inflection point in their growth, strategic direction, or operations. Our team prides itself upon identifying businesses for which our know-how and capital can best draw out their core strengths and competitive advantages. In these instances, our experience and resources have the most significant and immediate impact.

Our desired acquisitions have revenues from $5MM to $250MM and operate in, or adjacent to:

  • E-commerce
  • Distribution
  • Packaged Goods
  • Logistics
  • Technology
  • Media
  • Interactive Entertainment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Toys

We are interested in corporate divestitures, and private sales or recapitalizations by owner-operators. We are equally comfortable with growing businesses; stable or mature businesses; and distressed assets and special situations in which our efforts and capital can stabilize a declining or out-of-favor business to deliver cash flow and grow equity holder value.

We understand what it takes to operate a business, and we work closely with management teams to develop our portfolio companies by:

  • Helping a business build scale through our established network of premium retailers and distributors
  • Expanding into new product categories, sales channels, or geographies
  • Repositioning brands or expanding marketing efforts
  • Implementing operational or financial improvements
  • Designing, funding, and optimizing a company’s capital structure, including sophisticated and prudent balance sheet management.
  • Augmenting any level of management as needed
  • Engineering a roll-up acquisition strategy within the business’s market niche

Presently, we manage one portfolio platform, Solutions 2 GO (U.S.), a leading consumer packaged goods distribution company. We are actively seeking bolt-on acquisitions for the business.

We take a comprehensive, process-driven approach to our investments based upon business and market analysis, thorough planning, resource allocation, and superior execution.

We move swiftly and purposefully to acquire businesses that fit our investment criteria. We partner with established management teams, support them with operational and financial insight and resources, collaboratively develop and execute on the business plan, and create value together.

Building a Firm Foundation

Our senior executives partner with portfolio company management teams to understand the underlying strengths of their business and to analyze relevant market trends. We efficiently execute a rigorous due diligence process to provide the foundation for our strategic, financial, and operational business planning.

Identifying Maximum Value

We identify and prioritize the best ways to unlock maximum value in the businesses we acquire using diverse strategies including growing the core revenue stream, identifying creative expansion opportunities, and restructuring or reorientation of the business. Our ability to directly contribute to value creation is a key determinate of a potential investment’s fit for our portfolio.

Developing a Roadmap for Success

We partner with management teams to create specific strategic and financial plans with clearly defined short-, medium- and long-term milestones. The plan we implement will be detailed enough to ensure a high probability of success but flexible enough to react to new information or circumstances. As experienced entrepreneurs, our executive team knows the importance of staying close to the market and aggressively pursuing opportunities as they present themselves.

Applying the Right Resources

Although we adhere to a set of investment guidelines, we don’t maintain a hard-coded approach to acquisitions. Each portfolio company is unique, and success is usually best achieved with a custom solution. We help our portfolio companies achieve their goals through a combination of creative financing, operational management, strategic development and execution support. Our goal is always to create maximum enterprise value on an expedient timeline for each investment.

Executing with Excellence

As seasoned business operators, our management team understands the importance of execution in any business. All too often, great business models fail due to an inability to execute. We engage directly with the management team of our portfolio and support their implementation of the business plan. We provide internal resources from our bench of operations as well as recruitment and integration of third-party resources as required.

Monetizing Equity

We make investments with medium- and long-term goals in mind, but we also recognize that there may be an optimal time early on in an investment for investors to monetize their equity. We identify all exit options during the initial diligence process and then agree upon what criteria might initiate an exit event.