Mission & Culture

Our Mission and Culture

At Group 206, end results are important, but the philosophy and principles by which we achieve them are even more important.

Our mandate is clear: unlock the value of business and real estate investments by applying our experience and resources. In all our deals, we invest proprietary capital as a principal, make and implement decisions quickly, and align our interests with those of our investors. We believe in the power of open communication, and we pride ourselves in our full transparency with all stakeholders in any transaction.

When an opportunity fits our investment criteria, we deliver transactional and capital solutions that meet the needs of the seller and then take decisive steps to efficiently close the transaction.

We are a highly focused operation run by hands-on senior partners who have primary contact responsibility for each acquired business or real estate asset. We only invest where we can add material value through our knowledge, experience, and resources, consistent with the needs of each individual opportunity.

We are passionate about creating value in our acquisitions: for asset sellers, investors, partners, and employees alike. We have built a successful track record of maximizing our investments’ potential because we steadfastly devote all our resources — capital and human — to the betterment of every asset under our management.