Our Story

Group 206: Past and Present

Group 206 was founded by Nima Taghavi, the driving force behind our mission, the architect of our investment strategy, and the firm’s chief capital partner.

Group 206 Today

Group 206 was founded in 2013 to institutionalize the private equity and real estate investment efforts of Nima Taghavi and his executive team.

Today, the private equity practice of Group 206 manages one platform company, Solutions 2 GO (U.S.), which Nima founded in 2009. Solutions 2 GO (U.S.) is a market leader in the video game distribution space, specializing in merchant activity to both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers, and intends to expand its strong range of services and offerings in the immediate future. Group 206 is supporting Solutions 2 GO (U.S.) through a stage of aggressive growth, by both building sales organically and identifying and executing bolt-on acquisitions. Group 206’s real estate arm, BKM Capital Partners, will begin raising its first institutional fund in Q1 2014, focused on industrial properties across the western United States. The present position of Group 206 represents the natural evolution of the business activity of Nima Taghavi and his key executives and partners over the past two decades.

Early History

The story of Group 206’s executive team is one of entrepreneurship, determination, and steady growth. Founder Nima Taghavi’s family immigrated to the United States when he was nine years old; by his early teens he sold video games at the Orange County Swap Meet to supplement his family’s income. This early start in homespun retail and distribution gave Nima valuable experience that would strongly influence the career that followed.

SVG Distribution, Inc., and Crave Entertainment

By his early 20s, Nima had already started up several enterprises, including video game distributor SVG Distribution, Inc. Early in SVG’s development, Nima brought on board Michael Maas, who would become a longtime colleague and business partner. Michael worked his way up from an entry-level position to executive roles of increasing responsibility. In 1997, Nima founded Crave Entertainment, a video game publishing business, as a sister company to SVG. The two businesses became market leaders in their respective niches and were later combined into one entity, Crave Entertainment Group (“CEG”). Around this time, Ron Scott, formerly of Activision, Inc., joined the CEG team to expand its publishing capabilities. His contributions were instrumental in the sale of CEG in 2005 to the Handleman Company. Michael, who served as SVG’s President at the time of the sale, became CEO of all of CEG under its new ownership.

bkm Capital Partners

Simultaneous to Nima Taghavi’s entrepreneurial creation of SVG and Crave Entertainment, he began a career as a principal investor over several other investment strategies. First, Nima became interested and engaged in real estate development, engineering several self-funded deals. As with his other pursuits, Nima sought opportunities that offered meaningful potential for upside with minimal risk to underlying principal capital. Developer Brian K. Malliet, who shared a similar investment philosophy, began a collaboration with Nima in the early 2000s. The two invested together and built their relationship over the years that followed, leading to the creation of bkm Capital Partners, a firm specializing in the acquisition and improvement of multi-tenant business parks.

Solutions 2 GO

While still the CEO of CEG, Nima also became an original investor in Solutions 2 GO (Canada), a video game distributor specific to the Canadian market, which launched operations in 2004 and grew to become the largest distributor of video games in North America by 2008. In 2009, and in partnership with the founders of Solutions 2 GO (Canada), Nima founded the U.S. arm of that business in response to the evolving needs of the U.S. video game marketplace. Shortly after founding, Nima was rejoined by Michael Maas, who came aboard as President and CEO. Solutions 2 GO (U.S.) has enjoyed a fast rise to prominence in its market niche over its first four years in existence. In the past year, the company has added experienced leadership to its management team in Wayne Yodzio (now President and CEO) and Laura Tuthill (Chief Financial Officer), both of whom also serve as Managing Directors of the Niru Group.


Today, with the goal of impacting an increasingly wide range of assets, Group 206 leverages the capabilities and experience of its dedicated, passionate team to drive investments forward, identifying opportunities and maximizing business potentials.